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Subject: International Identity
Title: Globo sapiens: International Edition
Notes: 11 tracks (49 minutes) in Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic in mp3 format with cover art
Disclaimer: For a full explanation of the concept, see picspam and quotes. I appologize for the quality of the translations, as I don't speak all the languages quoted below.

Zip at Mediafire

Xiāng Chóu Sì Yùn - Luó Dà Yòu

Give me a crimson leaf of the begonia
As red as the blood
It is as painful as the longing for home

Gĕi wŏ yī zhāng hăi táng hóng ā hăi táng hóng
Nà xuè yī yàng de hăi táng hóng
Nà fèi xuè de shāo tòng shì xiāng chóu de shāo tòng
Gĕi wŏ yī zhāng hăi táng hóng

Shima Uta - Gackt

The Deigos bloom profusely, calling the wind, the storm is here
Over and over the sadness crosses the island like the waves
In the forests of sugarcane we meet
Under the sugarcane we say goodbye for a long time

Deigo ga sakimidare kaze wo yobi arashi ga kita
Kurikaesu kanashimi wa shima wataru nami no you
Uuji no mori de anata to deai
Uuji no shita de chiyo ni sayonara

Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayim - Tarkan

I'm on a long and narrow road
On my way morning and night

Uzun ince bir yoldayým
Gidiyorum gündüz gece

Sans Domicile Fixe - Sine

I am the chalk that traces
And is quickly erased
Without a fixed address, I pass

Je suis la craie qui trace
Et aussitôt s'efface
Sans domicile fixe, je passe

L'Inquietude - Nek

It is night when the wind moves the haze
I follow the features of my life
The stillness inside doesn't frighten anymore
I hang melancholy on its branches

È notte quando il vento muove la foschia
Seguo i lineamenti della vita mia
Il silenzio dentro non spaventa più
Ai suoi rami appendo la malinconia

El Extranjero - Enrique Bunbury

I feel at home in America
I wuld like to die in Antigua
The same occurs with Africa
Asila, Esaurira and the Rif
But wherever I go
They call me a foreigner
Wherever I am
I feel a foreigner

Me siento en casa en América,
en Antigua quisiera morir,
parecido me ocurre con Africa,
Asila, Esaurira y el Rif.
Pero haya donde voy,
me llaman el extranjero,
donde quiera que estoy,
el extranjero me siento

Lost - Noir Desir

To find the south
Without losing the north
After certainties
Beyond edges

I'm lost but I'm not stranded yet

Pour trouver le sud
Sans perdre le Nord
Après les certitures
Au-delà des bords

I'm lost but I'm not stranded yet

Mondo - Cesare Cremonini ft. Jovanotti

I've seen a place I like - it's called World
I walk there, breath it, my life always revolving around it

Ho visto un posto che mi piace si chiama Mondo
Ci cammino, lo respiro la mia vita è sempre intorno

Über Sieben Brücken - Peter Maffey

You must go over seven bridges
Overcome seven dark years
Seven times will you be ashes
But also once a bright light

Über sieben Brücken mußt du geh'n,
sieben dunkle Jahre übersteh'n,
sieben Mal wirst du die Asche sein,
aber einmal auch der helle Schein.

Cantares - Joan Manuel Serrat

Travellor, your footsteps
Are the path, and nothing more
Travellor, there is no path
It is made by walking

Caminante son tus huellas
el camino y nada mas;
caminante, no hay camino
se hace camino al andar.

Ja Jammaal - Rima Banna

I said "Oh cameleer, take me with you"
He said "no, my load is heavy"
I said "Oh cameleer, I'll walk"
He said, "no, my path is long"

قلت يا جمال خذني قال لا حملي ثقيل
قلت يا جمال أمشي قال لا دربي طويل


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