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Title: Ninja Pirate Angel on a Zombie Unicorn
Fandom: Supernatural
Word Count: 251
Disclaimer: Castiel, Dean, Chuck, and the Croatoan virus belong to Eric Kripke and the CW. Chip is mine, and I'm sure he regrets it.
Timeline: The End
Summary: [ profile] seschat demanded a prank!drabble for the following image:

Ninja Pirate Angel on a Zombie Unicorn

"Cas?" Dean stared at the angel in disbelief. "What the hell?"

"I needed transportation."

"You couldn't find a car?"

"The terrain was too rough. I thought a quadruped would be best in the circumstances."

"Because quadruped beats a four-by-four?"

"Yes." Castiel nudged his mount closer to Dean.

"Whoah, dude! That thing smells like a butcher shop! Is it- Cas, you are not bringing in a Croat' horse into my camp."

"It's not infected with the Croatoan virus, Dean. It's Death's horse."

Dean eyed the putrescent stallion for a while. "It's dead."


"You're riding a zombie horse?"

Castiel slid off the horse and patted its neck thoughtfully. "It's still quit fast, although I think it lost its tail shorty after breaking into a gallop."

There was something else bothering Dean about the animal. Something that would've been more glaringly distressing had it not been for the whole "rotting flesh" bit.

"It's got a crowbar stuck in its head."

"I told Chip it was harmless, but he wasn't convinced." Castiel reached into his coat pocket. "Here," he said, offering Dean a rusted sickle. "It's also Death's."

"What, you just-"

"And this," added Castiel, digging into his other pocket. "His staff. And I also managed to steal these tools from a hardware store. Chuck was complaining about faulty wiring."

"Wow, Cas, you're..."

"A thief, I know. A highwayman." The angel hung his head. "A pirate."

"A freakin' ninja, that's what," explaimed Dean. "Getting these things off of Death? That's some serious shuriken-level skills."


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