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Subject: Original Fiction (NaNoWriMo Novel: Time We Saw a Miracle) - "Kezef is an angel of punishment,” he continued, "so he’s all over the wrath and destruction like Godzilla on Tokyo. The homicidal maniacs running through the country? His idea of fun. Or of doing his job, I guess."
Notes: 15 tracks (~57 minutes) in mp3 format with cover art.
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Storm - Vanessa Mae

He could feel them coiled tight, tempting him to unravel them, flatten them out of their oscillations as he did to everything else, and bring an end to their rise and fall and rise and blissful fall.

Wasp Nest - The National

And all your wrath and cutting beauty
You're poison in the pretty glass

...he hadn’t laughed, preferring instead to tear out the tongue off of which those words were spoken and drag it down the demon’s host body.

Angry Angel - Imogen Heap

Over there stands my angry angel
And he's shaking his head, in disgrace with me

His brother thought he could keep his children out, keep him out. The whole world was Kezef’s dominion and his touch was everywhere.

The Little Things - Danny Elfman

Someone has to pay
For the little things

"Well, short version, he’s an angel. Longer short version, he’s not a nice angel."

Blood Makes Noise - Suzanne Vega (live)

In the thickening of fear
Blood makes noise

He loved to hear the blood rushing through their veins, their hearts beating a mad tattoo, drums playing to the rhythm of fear.

God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash

Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Tell 'em that God's gonna cut 'em down

"Cowards, deserters, and traitors all say the same. I care not for circumstances, only sins and their reward."

Hate This and I'll Love You - Muse

'Cause I was born to destroy you
And I am growing by the hour

"Think on it, brother. You have no army and no weapon. The Morning Star is unchallenged. I am unchallenged."

Weapon - Matthew Goode Band

Here by my side, you are, destruction
Here by my side, a new color to paint the world

"Leave it. The colour looks good on him."

Dead Meat - Sean Lennon

In the end you're gonna learn
Oh, you'll get what you deserve.

"I heard you missed the company of angels. Having is not so pleasing as wanting, is it?"

Your Skull is Red - Team Sleep

Your bones are red
And it feels gold

Any artist could tell you that blood was not merely red. No, it was maroon, crimson, carmine, and carnelian. It was burgundy like their wine, rosewood like the Dalbergia, rust like everything they built. Blood was rufous, russet, venetian, vermillion, one in a million.

Requiem for a Dream - Clint Mansell

The figure approaching was at times impossibly tall, then too faint to make out, then as solid as any human being. No matter the shape or solidity, it was always red.

I Want Blood - Empires

I'm waiting anxiously outside your home.
Oh dear, the biggest of all fears

"I am not asking for your help. I am not even asking for your cooperation. I am asking for you – your blood and your flesh. "

Eternal Life - Jeff Buckley

You better turn around and blow your kiss goodbye
to life eternal, angel...

Kezef particularly enjoyed the look on his brother’s face when he realized this, that Kezef was stealing from the very thing he had hoped would form a human soul.

Angels - Within Temptation

No remorse 'cause I still remember
The smile when you tore me apart

His lips did something strange, parting in an animal snarl which would have marred a man’s face, to say nothing of an angel's.

Explosive - Bond

He stood still, looking upwards, searching the space far above them for a sign.


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