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Medium: General
Subject: Living in a post-apocalyptic world
Notes: 15 tracks (1 hour) in mp3 format with cover art.
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24 Hours - Athlete

It's not over, it's not over
We've still got twenty four hours

Reel Me In - Aqualung

Don't listen to the TV
Don't listen to the radio
Don't let anybody tell you
That this old ship is going down

Smokers Outside Hospital Doors - The Editors (acoustic)

Say goodbye to everyone
You have ever known
You are not gonna see them ever again

All Those Days Are Gone - Jump, Little Children

All those days are gone
As far as the stars are away
From the mid-day sun

Afraid of Everyone - The National

I'll defend my family with my orange umbrella
I'm afraid of everyone, I'm afraid of everyone

Numb - David Usher

Tell me do you pray for morning?
Tell me does it hurt just waking?
Tell me have you lost the reasons you ever wanted to fight?

Well-Worn Hand - The Editors

Let's lock ourselves away
We'll never, ever step outside
We'll curl up in a ball and hide

Fear - Benjy Ferree

There's a stranger in the lobby
There were footsteps on the roof
But there is no proof or reason not to hide

Sleep - My Chemical Romance

Sometimes I see flames
And sometimes I see people that I love dying

White Flags - Our Lady Peace

We're raising our white flags and holding our breath
But no retreat and no surrendering

Fight Outta You - Ben Harper

Don't let it take the fight outta you
Don't believe the headlines
Check it for yourself sometimes

Soldier On - The Temper Trap

Don't think about it at all
Just keep your head low
Don't think about it at all

Breakable - Ingrid Michaelson

And we are so fragile
And our cracking bones make noise

An End Has a Start - The Editors (acoustic)

You'll lose everything
By the end

Where Are We Going From Here - Blackmoore's Night

But who do you ask, when no one really knows
Where we are going from here


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