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Medium: General
Subject: Living in a post-apocalyptic world
Notes: 15 tracks (~1 hour) in mp3 format with cover art.
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Matthew 24 (Is Knocking at the Door) - Johnny Cash (live)

Matthew 24 is knockin' at the door
And today or one day more could be the last

Wash Away - Joe Purdy

We get along Lord, but not today
Cause we gonna wash away

The End Is Near - Fiery Furnaces

The end is near, the time has come
Don't even think
That there's a way out of this

Angels / Losing / Sleep - Our Lady Peace

Looks like your boat's about to sink
So it's time to prepare
Even the angels are losing sleep

Dead in the Water - David Grey

A premonition of the killer's angel eyes
An armageddon sky
Tell it like it is

The Dog Days Are Over - Florence and the Machine

Run fast for your children and your sisters and brothers
Leave all your love and your loving behind you
Can't carry it with you if you want to survive

The Rifle - Alela Diane

Papa gets the rifle from its place above the French doors
They're coming from the woods
And mama you're running too

Walking Far From Home - Iron & Wine

I saw kindness and an angel
Crying, "Take me back home, take me back home"

Tiny Cities Made of Ashes - Modest Mouse

I just got a message that said
"Yeah, Hell has frozen over"
I got a phone call from the Lord saying
"Hey boy, get a sweater, right now"

Rainbow Street - The Amazing Broken Man

Two angels got into a fight
I saw their wings being torn apart
From their angel skin

Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car - Iron & Wine

I'd hint to her every possibility
While with his gun the pagan angel rose to say
"My love is one made to break every bended knee"

Dirty Knife - Neko Case

He laid down on the floor and he slept like iron
While the dirty knife worked deep
Into his spine
The blood runs crazy

Time of Our Lives - David Usher

All of us are hurting
All of us are crazy now
All of us are watching the world as it spins

In Our Talons - Bowerbirds

You're in our talons now, and we're never letting go
You're in our headlights, frozen, and no, we're not stopping
You may not believe, but even we were scared at first
It takes a lot of nerve to destroy this wondrous earth

Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums - A Perfect Circle

Swayin' to the rhythm of the new world order and
Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums
The boogeymen are coming
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