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Kitty Attack (Word Count: 518)
Summary: Trapped by telekinesis, Sylar's next victim writhed on the floor, mewling intelligibly. (A response to this challenge)


All Things Copper (Word Count: 3,219)
Summary: Events from Shuttle One’s point of view as they return to a bloodied Serenity.

Undertow (Word Count: 1,777)
Summary: Simon and River recall her sessions at the academy.

Insomnia (Word Count: 730)
Summary: and Mal are settling down for a two-point watch through the night, and Simon's volunteered. The boys talk.


(Apple Pie Is) Freakin' Worth It (Word Count: 529)
Summary: The Winchesters' various flavours of comfort.

A Slip of Coment (Word Count: 702)
Summary: Sam still thinks his plan of wrestling control back from Lucifer could work.

The Blank Slate (Word Count: 1,268)
Summary: You came back different and I can't stop seeing it.

The Dark Knight:

Green and Purple Argyle, Of All Things, Or: Covetting the Joker's Socks (Word Count: 978)
Summary: The Joker in the holding cell from another criminal's point of view.

Once Upon a Time In Mexico:

Back to Broadway (Word Count: 444)
Summary: Crack. Bare-foot boys (who may or may not have been selling Chiclet gum) promptly riffle through passengers' luggage.


Sherlock Holmes/Iron Man/House: Eliminate the Impossible (Word Count: 256)

Doctor Who/Stonehenge Apocalypse: Stonehenge Antinomy (Word Count: 2969)


Bejewlled Roses (Word Count: 1,352)

The Last Wild Angel (Word Count: 1,2747) - LOCKED
Summary: [deleted]

The Ballast Water Metaphor (Word Count: 372)

The Ballast Water Metaphor (Word Count: 372)


Fandom Masterlist
Non-Fandom Masterlist
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Wandering about a music store, I came across Wilco and had another of those "moments" where I thought song titles were great for chapter prompts.

I have got to stop doing this.

Wilco: Summerteeth )

Wilco: A Ghost is Born )
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Got blindsided last night with the idea of prefacing chapters with bizarre shopping lists which both reflect the focus-character and the chapter-content.

Mostly this goes for OUaTiM and all sorts of guns, disguises and playschool* objects.

ETA: And each chapter would be named after a cooking instruction, like:

1. Preheat
2. Slice and Dice
3. Boiling Point / Bring to Boiling
4. Fold Gently

* How else to make fake blood, my dears?
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Listening to Broadway by the Goo Goo Dolls, my train of thought immediately pulled up at the OUaTiM station where bare-foot boys (who may or may not have been selling Chiclet gum) promptly riffled through passengers' luggage.

The metaphor promptly ran away with me and made a Crack!Fic )


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