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Title: Ninja Pirate Angel on a Zombie Unicorn
Fandom: Supernatural
Word Count: 251
Disclaimer: Castiel, Dean, Chuck, and the Croatoan virus belong to Eric Kripke and the CW. Chip is mine, and I'm sure he regrets it.
Timeline: The End
Summary: [ profile] seschat demanded a prank!drabble for the following image:

Ninja Pirate Angel on a Zombie Unicorn )
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Medium: Television
Fandom: Supernatural
Subject: Sam, Lucifer, and their time in the cage
Title: In the Cage
Notes: 15 tracks (~60 minutes) in mp3 format with cover art. Tracks 3 and 13 are live; track 15 is unplugged.
Crossposted: [ profile] fanmix here, [ profile] dean_sam here
ETA: At least one download link should work now - there's several options - and two incomplete files (tracks 6 and 9) have been fixed.

Back Cover, Track List, and Download Link )
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Title: The Blank Slate
Fandom: Supernatural
Word Count: 1,268
Disclaimer: I like to play with other people's toys. These in particular belong to Eric Kripke and the CW.
Timeline: Lazarus Rising, The Third Man
Summary: You came back different and I can't stop seeing it. Sam watches Dean and thinks about the scars Dean lost by coming back from Hell and the ones he's gained.
Crossposts: [ profile] dean_sam here ; [ profile] spn_theboys here ; [ profile] spn_deanw's Weekly Recommendations' October 21, 2010 (Thanks!)

The Blank Slate )
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Title: A Slip of Comet
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Sam still thinks his plan of wrestling control back from Lucifer could work.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to CW's Supernatural. I just snuck them out to play for fun, never profit.
Author's Note: Title from Gerard Manley Hopkins' poem I Am Like a Slip of Comet (1864)
Word Count: 702
ETA: Crossposted to [ profile] dean_sam here

A Slip of Comet )
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For example, the easiest points in each fandom that can be used to make a crossover include:

Time-and Space Traveling - You can get there from here or now. Read more... )

Medicine - We'll take you there with flashing lights. Read more... )

Criminal Activity - You have the right to remain silent. Read more... )

Undercover - We're there even if you don't know it. Read more... )

The Supernatural - We know weird. Read more... )

Shared Actors and Plausible Character Constancy - I know your face. Read more... )

Fixed Fandom - You'll have to come to us. Read more... )

Example Crossovers Read more... )

Sample MultiFandom Crossover - 11 Fandoms Read more... )
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Kitty Attack (Word Count: 518)
Summary: Trapped by telekinesis, Sylar's next victim writhed on the floor, mewling intelligibly. (A response to this challenge)


All Things Copper (Word Count: 3,219)
Summary: Events from Shuttle One’s point of view as they return to a bloodied Serenity.

Undertow (Word Count: 1,777)
Summary: Simon and River recall her sessions at the academy.

Insomnia (Word Count: 730)
Summary: and Mal are settling down for a two-point watch through the night, and Simon's volunteered. The boys talk.


(Apple Pie Is) Freakin' Worth It (Word Count: 529)
Summary: The Winchesters' various flavours of comfort.

A Slip of Coment (Word Count: 702)
Summary: Sam still thinks his plan of wrestling control back from Lucifer could work.

The Blank Slate (Word Count: 1,268)
Summary: You came back different and I can't stop seeing it.

The Dark Knight:

Green and Purple Argyle, Of All Things, Or: Covetting the Joker's Socks (Word Count: 978)
Summary: The Joker in the holding cell from another criminal's point of view.

Once Upon a Time In Mexico:

Back to Broadway (Word Count: 444)
Summary: Crack. Bare-foot boys (who may or may not have been selling Chiclet gum) promptly riffle through passengers' luggage.


Sherlock Holmes/Iron Man/House: Eliminate the Impossible (Word Count: 256)

Doctor Who/Stonehenge Apocalypse: Stonehenge Antinomy (Word Count: 2969)


Bejewlled Roses (Word Count: 1,352)

The Last Wild Angel (Word Count: 1,2747) - LOCKED
Summary: [deleted]

The Ballast Water Metaphor (Word Count: 372)

The Ballast Water Metaphor (Word Count: 372)


Fandom Masterlist
Non-Fandom Masterlist
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Fandom: Supernatural
A/N: I have no idea what this is, whether fic or self-insert or hurt/comfort or pep-talk. It is, though, the first thing I may've written all year. What it also is, is the Winchesters' various flavours of comfort.

There was a crumpled figure on the bed. John set a chair by it and, with a sigh, sank down heavily, all grace gone with his joints after a lifetime of falls and punches. )


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