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For example, the easiest points in each fandom that can be used to make a crossover include:

Time-and Space Traveling - You can get there from here or now. Read more... )

Medicine - We'll take you there with flashing lights. Read more... )

Criminal Activity - You have the right to remain silent. Read more... )

Undercover - We're there even if you don't know it. Read more... )

The Supernatural - We know weird. Read more... )

Shared Actors and Plausible Character Constancy - I know your face. Read more... )

Fixed Fandom - You'll have to come to us. Read more... )

Example Crossovers Read more... )

Sample MultiFandom Crossover - 11 Fandoms Read more... )
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This is set just after the end of X Men Movie 1. I've always been quite pleased with this, particularly because I often don't care a rat's ass about Scott. Yes, my obsession with aphasia began early, and yes, I own that shirt. The basic premise of this part (Toad's not dead but desperately needs medical attention) was quite popular back in the day. In case you don't remember why Toad ain't a happy camper at the end of the film, it's because he's so dead.

Scott limped down the hall towards the door, silently cursing whoever was knocking so insistently at such an unholy hour... )
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Here's the first bit of my one-and-only Toad fic. It's pre X Men Movie 1.

I'd gotten into Movie!XMen fics, and, after the requisite angst that was Rogue/Wolverine, I found a gorgeous fic on Toad. Thanks to that, I started looking more into the character, particularly his apparently miserable comic!childhood. (From there, I discovered the Toad->Ray Park->Darth Maul connection, which landed me firmly into a small subsection of the Star Wars fandom.)

I wrote this in the first bit of my 18th year. I'd only just begun writing serious fanfic, thinking for the first time about how other people might react to my writing. Thus the following is in a unpolished and inexperienced style. I've actually taken out the first paragraph, because it was too emo, and a lot of the lyrics. (Well, all, so far.)

Read more... )


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