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Title: Ninja Pirate Angel on a Zombie Unicorn
Fandom: Supernatural
Word Count: 251
Disclaimer: Castiel, Dean, Chuck, and the Croatoan virus belong to Eric Kripke and the CW. Chip is mine, and I'm sure he regrets it.
Timeline: The End
Summary: [ profile] seschat demanded a prank!drabble for the following image:

Ninja Pirate Angel on a Zombie Unicorn )
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Title: Stonehenge Antimony
Fandom: Doctor Who, Stonehenge Apocalypse
Word Count: 2971
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their respective agents (which is to say, not me).
A/N: This is what happens when you watch The Pandorica Opens and Stonehenge Apocalypse the same weekend. Less crack and more philosophy than I was aiming for, and gods only know I tried to shut the Doctor up, but he just won't have it.
ETA: Basically, what [ profile] mizra's icon says:

Stonehenge Antimony )
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Fandoms: Sherlock Holmes, Ironman, House MD
A/N: I wrote this in comments to [ profile] seschat, running with her idea and sprinkling liberally with crack along the way. Blame [ profile] seschat and her entry for this, then, where she said, in a comment:
Also, have you ever pondered the similarites between Stark and Holmes? [...] Both are eccentric geniuses; both are supposedly heartless, but have a distinctly good core, a strong, brave, noble personality, a deeply rooted sense of right and wrong. And I'm totally realizing that could be said about a lot of fictional characters, but ... SOMETHING. Something was there that had me thinking all those thoughts, and considering writing crazy crossovers that wouldn't even be all that crazy because of the similarities!

ETA: crossposted to [ profile] holmeswatson09 (here) on June 19, 2010

Eliminate the Impossible

See, once upon a time, Sherlock Holmes was tinkering with Science and got caught in a really bright, somewhat itchy light. Moments later, he was on hands and knees - skinned knees, thank you very much - on the sidewalk of an equally bright and somewhat stinky city. It was the year two thousand-and-something and Holmes had no way of getting home and no Watson by his side, either.

So he decided, to hell with it, I'm going to drink. Then, somewhat drunk, he decided, to hell with it, I'm going to philander. And then the betting started...

To make a long story short, Holmes earned a whole lot of money and a whole lot more of a reputation. He changed his name to Tony Stark - it's a long story, involving palindromes, a pyromaniac and a three-legged bulldog and, oh yes, more liquor - and decided to live it up. He still kept tinkering, though. Maybe he'd manage to whisk Watson into this bright new era...


The day that Holmes-aka-Stark managed to get his bright-and-itchy time machine thingy working and rigged it to bring across his faithful sidekick, a fatal misspelling occured.

"What the hell?!?"


"Who - you - what?!?"

"You're not Dr Watson."

"The hell I am - I'm Wilson, also Doctor. What am I doing here?"

"I was trying to sort of...fax my friend from someplace. Damn. I'll have to try again..."

"I was in the middle of a consult!"

"How about a drink?"

"You just faxed me!"

"A strong drink."
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For example, the easiest points in each fandom that can be used to make a crossover include:

Time-and Space Traveling - You can get there from here or now. Read more... )

Medicine - We'll take you there with flashing lights. Read more... )

Criminal Activity - You have the right to remain silent. Read more... )

Undercover - We're there even if you don't know it. Read more... )

The Supernatural - We know weird. Read more... )

Shared Actors and Plausible Character Constancy - I know your face. Read more... )

Fixed Fandom - You'll have to come to us. Read more... )

Example Crossovers Read more... )

Sample MultiFandom Crossover - 11 Fandoms Read more... )
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Kitty Attack (Word Count: 518)
Summary: Trapped by telekinesis, Sylar's next victim writhed on the floor, mewling intelligibly. (A response to this challenge)


All Things Copper (Word Count: 3,219)
Summary: Events from Shuttle One’s point of view as they return to a bloodied Serenity.

Undertow (Word Count: 1,777)
Summary: Simon and River recall her sessions at the academy.

Insomnia (Word Count: 730)
Summary: and Mal are settling down for a two-point watch through the night, and Simon's volunteered. The boys talk.


(Apple Pie Is) Freakin' Worth It (Word Count: 529)
Summary: The Winchesters' various flavours of comfort.

A Slip of Coment (Word Count: 702)
Summary: Sam still thinks his plan of wrestling control back from Lucifer could work.

The Blank Slate (Word Count: 1,268)
Summary: You came back different and I can't stop seeing it.

The Dark Knight:

Green and Purple Argyle, Of All Things, Or: Covetting the Joker's Socks (Word Count: 978)
Summary: The Joker in the holding cell from another criminal's point of view.

Once Upon a Time In Mexico:

Back to Broadway (Word Count: 444)
Summary: Crack. Bare-foot boys (who may or may not have been selling Chiclet gum) promptly riffle through passengers' luggage.


Sherlock Holmes/Iron Man/House: Eliminate the Impossible (Word Count: 256)

Doctor Who/Stonehenge Apocalypse: Stonehenge Antinomy (Word Count: 2969)


Bejewlled Roses (Word Count: 1,352)

The Last Wild Angel (Word Count: 1,2747) - LOCKED
Summary: [deleted]

The Ballast Water Metaphor (Word Count: 372)

The Ballast Water Metaphor (Word Count: 372)


Fandom Masterlist
Non-Fandom Masterlist
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Disclaimer: The Joker and The Dark Knight belongs to DC Comics. I just like to play.
A/N: Referencing this screencap, although we'll pretend the grating doesn't go all the way down to the floor. Better-suiting titles would be awesome, and I'm sorry if the POV sounds like he's from a gazillion different places at once.
Dedication: To [ profile] capn_mactastic, for the initial image and general awesomeness.

Green and Purple Argyle, Of All Things
Or: Covetting the Joker's Socks

Read more... )
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Pondering over how Lost's Ben's exile might work out, and considering that Richard seems to have a 'get off the Island free' card, I came up with a little crack dialogue. Because, man, awkward conversation much?

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3. What would a crossover between #1 and #5 include?
Buffy/Life on Mars: Crack. A shit-load of crack. And time-travel spellage. And Giles meeting himself being all Ripper and awesome. And Willow snogging Annie. And Xander being a big goofball with Chris and Ray. And poor Sammy trying to arrest Buffy for GBH. And Gene getting confused by Anya and having the book thrown at him by Giles, with a smug Sam in the background. And and and - ooh, and Dawn going with Sam and the barman about what it means to be real. And Spike being kick-ass awesome on nightraids and whinging about finally being back in the motherland and this is the shitty little city he ends up with and betting on football with the boys. (And Tara was left behind, because I don't know what to do with her.)

11. If you were able to add a new character, any kind of character you wanted, to the storyline for #6, what would the character be like, and what would their role be?
Doctor Who: Oh come on! This show's only got like two main characters! (Weeell, except now, because we only have the Doctor.) And no main setting! But. Velociraptors. 'Cause.

13. If you could kill off one of the characters in #1 , who would it be and how would you do it?
Buffy: Unless he actually does get killed, I vote for Ethan. Not so much for the "he must diiiieee!" but because I'd like to see more "I say, old chap, remember the god old days when you were viscious?" scenes between Giles and Ethan, ending in some serious Ripper pwnage. Other than that, most of the characters actually do die, so pretty mute point.
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A/N: I haven't written in this 'verse for so long, the characters are worried. And in a bit of bad place.

Read more... )
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300 Dilios fanfic - Chapter: One Man Army


Servants of the Dark Read more... )


All those time-traveling occasionally-or-cyclically amnesiac Mary Sue stories deserve this sorry little quote from “The Traveler and the Tale”, by Jane Yolen, in Sister Emily’s Lightship and Other Stories:

I am a traveler,” she would cry out, and weep.


I really ought to make the whole Floyd subclause of A Tricky Business into an original story. By which I mean, the whole Floyd-backstory, his entrepreneurial aspirations and pimping-on-the-side.


Names found in the staff of the film The Number 23:

Rainer Wolfe

Degrees of Freedom:

“My father was the Keeper of the Truth.”
“But that truth has been revealed.”
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Listening to Broadway by the Goo Goo Dolls, my train of thought immediately pulled up at the OUaTiM station where bare-foot boys (who may or may not have been selling Chiclet gum) promptly riffled through passengers' luggage.

The metaphor promptly ran away with me and made a Crack!Fic )
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A/N: A sad little crack!fic about a lonely little goat, who just happens to be the personification of all things evil.

Warning: Do not take seriously.

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