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3. What would a crossover between #1 and #5 include?
Buffy/Life on Mars: Crack. A shit-load of crack. And time-travel spellage. And Giles meeting himself being all Ripper and awesome. And Willow snogging Annie. And Xander being a big goofball with Chris and Ray. And poor Sammy trying to arrest Buffy for GBH. And Gene getting confused by Anya and having the book thrown at him by Giles, with a smug Sam in the background. And and and - ooh, and Dawn going with Sam and the barman about what it means to be real. And Spike being kick-ass awesome on nightraids and whinging about finally being back in the motherland and this is the shitty little city he ends up with and betting on football with the boys. (And Tara was left behind, because I don't know what to do with her.)

11. If you were able to add a new character, any kind of character you wanted, to the storyline for #6, what would the character be like, and what would their role be?
Doctor Who: Oh come on! This show's only got like two main characters! (Weeell, except now, because we only have the Doctor.) And no main setting! But. Velociraptors. 'Cause.

13. If you could kill off one of the characters in #1 , who would it be and how would you do it?
Buffy: Unless he actually does get killed, I vote for Ethan. Not so much for the "he must diiiieee!" but because I'd like to see more "I say, old chap, remember the god old days when you were viscious?" scenes between Giles and Ethan, ending in some serious Ripper pwnage. Other than that, most of the characters actually do die, so pretty mute point.
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A/N: Ted and Susan have a torrid past. Tim is hurt, Susan’s moved on. Grief re: dead sister/friend. Perhaps guilt. Did Susan steal away then lose the father? Ted cares for Susan but it’s been a long time and she has changed, though they are still civil. He may never forgive her. Susan will one day go to the cottage, though by then Cottontail is dead. Sad, slow relationships which never really takes off.

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Opening quote: (Stripped of harp, halo and wings)/And sent hurtling into darkness.

The story of a little girl who makes friends with solid darkness personified, whom she first helps become solid by knitting the dark. At first, he is only hands, like knitted gloves, and a voice. His eyes do not shine. (Though perhaps there may be some residual light within him.)

There is something subtly sinister in this friend who wants to see the world. Something tragic, too, in his wish to see daylight, which would unravel him, possibly permanently. He may terrify others, or be invisible. “Call me Nit,” he says as she struggles to say his name. The name he gave her is, of course, Nuit.

There is something very tragic in Nit, a muzzled, dark, gloved figure. A cursed or forgotten monster, a fallen angel yearning for what was. Or for the memory of what he once was. He is short-tempered, observant and funny in an aloof way (not goofy-funny but out-of-place funny, strange reactions funny). Reserved to the point of shyness and fear.

“Too long in the dark, I have forgotten the light that was my life. Now the light hurts my eyes and I close them. And I am in the dark once more.” Loyal but manipulative until he becomes friends with the girl who helps and loves too much this Nit of Night.

Once, angry with sad Nit, she keeps him at bay with a night light, or a flashlight, like a sword which hurts him, unravels the tight darkness. Like wool, he is hot, suffocating. Or comforting, like a heavy blanket that stills you limbs.

Nit, though limited to places of dark, can be in many places, especially when loosely raveled. Ruth finds him once when playing hide-and-seek in her closet. Perhaps she refuses to play such games later at parties, because hiding from other children means being in the dark, and being found by the waiting Nit. He has a muzzle and a heavy pelt, with or without the knitting. Small shadows may be him shedding. At times, that is all you can see, his nose, black, just slightly visible, more concrete and solid, than the rest of the dark. Shy and ferocious, but ever alone.

Latin Nitidus, meaning radiant, luminous.

Particularly fond of this one; all sorts of symbolism and allegory possible; sexuality, evil inherent, religion, sins, punishment. At first, a little bit like children’s storied about monsters and fears (e.g. Ted Cole’s stories about El Hombre Topo).

This can link both to the angel dying upstairs apocalyptics universe, and to the Servants of Darkness.

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Proposed title: Soul Escape, The Witness, Witnessing, Last Moments, Last Rites

Above also possibly chapter titles.

Woman whose role it is to witness each and every death of her people, to sit at the bedside with the dying and hold the wake alone. The only one allowed to witness the soul’s escape from the body. This has had a terrible effect on her. Possibly started this at a young age, maybe because she was born of a dead woman or cried whilst passing the cemetery when a babe. Perhaps a word or training, but she is always alone. First official death-witness could be of the previous Witness, who gives her the only training she is to receive.

First line: “This was her sixth death. She did not remember her first, though all the others did. She remembered most vividly the second.”

Story thus opens on a wake, just after the death of one. Musing follows, some history.
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Imagine the 9th Doctor Who and Crowley (of Good Omens), drunk at a bar, going on about the 'stupid apes'.


Apr. 26th, 2007 05:24 pm
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Last night before wandering off to sleep, I got the idea of a zombie story, with a bit of a twist.

Suppose the character is conscious and him/herself when turning into a zombie. In fact, it's not zombie-like at all, except that the character discovers, horrified, that they're dead. Immortal, in fact, except without the nifty regenerative properties, so that what should be fatal wounds leave instead a dark gash that won't close. There's no blood, because there's no heartbeat, and the expression "coughing up a lung" is all too real.
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Dilios. Man. There is just so much character study to do with him on his less-than-victorious journey back to Sparta.

What would the journey back be like, with those bastard cowards the Acadians?

How would it feel to be cheated of "an honourable death"? To walk home alive, leaving his soldier brothers, his King, to die?

How would he be recieved in Sparta? What would they say to him, about him? (Not to mention his wife, as [ profile] christwise discusses and prompts about here.)

How would it feel to relate the battle before the councilors?

How did he end up leading the whole conglomeration of armies one year later?

And, yes, pretty man.
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A fic about the scientists who first went to Miranda and what they found there.

Calls for a number of action scenes once Reavers are introduced, pseudo-science-babble and must, by definition, be based entirely on original characters. (Plus the scientist we see as a hologram in Serenity.)

Ends with events just prior to Last Surivivor realizing she is alone and deciding to record event anyway.


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