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A/N: This chapter is rather short, but it feels finished. Also, this way I won't have a half-chapter floating around for months on end.

Chapter 24: Behind the Bushes )
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A/N: Thank Lovecraft and his 1931 story The Whisperer in the Darkness for the title term as well as "Lord of the Woods". The chapter title is a reference, of course, to For Whom the Bell Tolls.

Chapter 23: For Whom the Goat Bleets )
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A/N: Despite suspicious similarities and outraged villagers, I am not criticizing any religion in particular. One-eyed Larry is from PotC: AWE.
Lucretia's rule for stew is from TPratchett. The Cod/Carp concept came from a typo in an email I received from Josie, titled "Holy Carp!". Things just got a bit out of hand from there, especially with Pratchettian influence*.
I’m really sorry about Freckles.

Chapter 22: How to Serve Gods )

* In the second scroll of Wen the Eternally Surprised a story is written concerning one day when the apprentice Clodpool, in a rebellious mood, approached Wen and spake thusly:
"Master, what is the difference between a humanistic, monastic system of belief in which wisdom is sought by means of an apparently nonsensical system of questions and answers, and a lot of mystic gibberish made up on the spur of the moment?"
Wen considered this for some time, and at last said: "A fish!"
And Clodpool went away, satisfied.

-- (Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time)
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A/N: I haven't written in this 'verse for so long, the characters are worried. And in a bit of bad place.

Read more... )
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A/N:Notes: The one-eyed tomcat is, of course, TPratchett's Greebo. "Gibbous" comes from NGaiman’s character Wolfe (or was it Seth?) in “Shoggoth’s Old Peculiar” criticizing HPLovecraft's writing style, and Mr and Mrs Owens, in Cry of the Kalahari, thanking their friend who said no novel is complete without a gibbous moon.

Chapter 21: Different Tastes )
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A/N: What the women are muttering over the pots is, obviously, from Hamlet. The man with the snacks is a more disturbing version of CMOT Dibbler whilst the dog is Gaspod (The Wonder Dog), both from TPratchett's Disworld novels. The soup is part Neil Gaiman (who wrote of, in Shoggoth's Old Peculair, a beer "advertisers would describe as "full-bodied". Although if pressed they would confess that the body in question had once been that of a goat.") and part Discovery Channels's "Travelers", in which Our Man sups with the Mongols and gets offered the tastiest bit of the goat. The box labelled goat actually exists: I saw it in a clothes store and, once recovered from the massive WTF-factor, jotted it down in my n otebook. As for Frank: he wasn't supposed to be this creapy, I swear.

There's a squick-warning:

Chapter 19: Some Local Colour )
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A/N: Both the "camel hump" reference and the phrase about the Black King stem from NGaiman's Shoggoth's Old Peculair and the title he gives for HPLovecraft's Nyarlathotep. The "Lord of the Woods" also comes from Lovecraft: Whisperer in the darkness (1931), but the "Darth" bit is just Sithly. Quasi's fear came out more serious than I'd first intended.

Chapter 18: Four-Legged Brethren )
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A/N: "Astrophel" comes from the poem "Sonnets from Astrophel and Stella" by Philip Sidney, and was innitially supposed to be called called Madness, but the joke didn't really work. Frank is the name of LJ's mascot. The bit about the mouth and the screaming was scribbled by me years ago but, since I've seen it referenced since, it must be from the Borg-overmind. Which means, I have no idea where I got it from. Certainly not directly from this computer game.

Chapter 17: Lacking in Goats and Scones )
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A/N: Hero’s getting too smart, damn him.

Chapter 16: Goodnight Moon )
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A/N: A very domestic chapter where Vicky and Quasi actually – gasp – get along together and work quite well as a team. Except for the vest buttons.

Chapter 15: Clothing Interlude )
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A/N: A somewhat forced chapter, especially getting the characters to work the carpet. Hero is becoming surprisingly adept at the hero-work. The carpet insisted on being somewhat sentient. I never knew that making Huzzah have glowing purple ectoplasm would be so useful. (He bears no relation to the green slime ghost from “Ghostbusters”.) Oh, and everyone wants tea, what of it? Tea makes everything better. Just ask this thread and icon.

Chapter 14: Carpet Morse Code )
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A/N: This was just for fun. Again, surprisingly tender moments. I had no idea when I wrote this why Hero screamed at the shadow puppet.

Chapter 13: Shadow puppets )
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A/N: Huzzah was supposed to be prissy, like a peeved-off Good Omens Arizaphale. I’m a bit surprised by the magic-logic I came up with.

Chapter 12: The Billowing Cloud of Terror )
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A/N: This was the first thing I wrote after “The Dark Closet” many, many months later. Things hadn’t been going well, which is why there’re a few moments of comfort and actual fear. Short moments, because humour is good.

Chapter 11: Down into the Darkest Dungeon )
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A/N: Mycroft is Sherlock Holmes’s brother (coincidently, also Thursday Next’s uncle, in Jasper Fforde’s series), and Pike was a vampire in the movie-version of BtVS, (though I first got that name from Buffyworld’s actor list for their Season 8). This chapter ended on a darker note (if you take it seriously) that I’d originally intended. I couldn’t help myself from paraphrasing [ profile] ultra_lilac, quoted in metaquotes as saying: “People should never be baked into pies, you monster! The pastry overpowers the delicate bouquet of flavours in human flesh!” Gwen’s shout of “campfire” comes to you thanks to Listener who noted the rhyme in one of her poems. *pimps*

Chapter 10: Uncle Mycroft )
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A/N: The game of Risk comes to you thanks to [ profile] evadne_noel’s Once Upon a Freakin' Time series which revolves around the Death Eaters (HP fandom). In one chapter, Voldemort makes Harry play Risk to decide who will rule the wizarding world. There’s a bunny cartoon that works on the same idea, linked to on the comments section for one of her stories.

Chapter 9: The Confrontation )
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A/N: Clyde exists because in 2002 I heard a song by Raymond Stevens called “Ahab the Arab”. It’s a very funny song with ridiculous details. And a camel named Clyde. Somewhat further influenced by TPratchett's "You Bastard" camel.

Chapter 8: Evil Mascots Inc. )
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A/N: This chapter was written after the dungeon ones, and was done much less freely than most of my chapters, because I had a certain information and exchanges I had to put in. This made the chapter too long, so now I have four tea/confrontation chapters, not that I’m complaining.

Chapter 7: Tea with the Enemy )
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A/N: One of the first scenes written, actually. Plain silly stuff. And yes, Vicky’s propositions are what you think they are. He was channeling Sidious from the Sith Academy.

Chapter 6: Of the Garden Variety )


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